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    Season Started Off Right

    Yep, it is that time again, urban archery in Virginia. Hot as all heck but I look at these first few hunts as dress rehearsal for the real thing - I've already remembered something that I left back at the cabin (My discharge target - turns out I didn't need it because I discharged it in the way we all like)

    Actually kind of proud of myself. I was sitting in a draw behind some houses where I have permission. At about 6:20 pm big mama came out first leading her family group to all them lawns and flower gardens up on the hill. I got ready but she was followed by two fawns that were big enough that they were almost without spots. I decided not to shoot although inside the city they want you to shoot them all. Not long after that another big doe showed up. I decided the fawns had enough adult supervision so shot the 2nd doe. My Spitfire mechanical did it's job because she only ran about 50 yards. Turns out I shot the right doe become she did not have any milk in her utters when I skinned her out.

    Good thing I have a few strong friends on speed dial. This is a redneck way to wheel out a deer inside the city. Big doe. (only does during urban archery - bucks OK once regular season starts) Pictured is the landowner on the right and another friend on the left who lives in another area of the city who gives me permission in exchange for a few packages of venison - last year he ended up with almost 3 complete deer.
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    Congrats man!! Looks like your season is off to a fine start. NY doesnít open until Oct. 1st, but itís a joy to read of other hunters successes. Good luck as your season progresses!!!!
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