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Thread: Which Spitfire?

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    Which Spitfire?

    I know this subject is covered in various forms but have not found a comparison or review of "spitfires". I know as years and technology progresses things change and just looking to see pros and cons.

    Ok I have a new to me Vapor all sighted in, just picked up 6 Pro-V 22 arrows and am looking to buy broad heads so I can start practicing for fall deer season.

    I read that most of the Tenpoint staff shoot NAP spitfires, that post was from 2014. Internet research confirms some very good reviews of spitfires as well. That is all fine but when you go to buy them you find out that there are 6 different variations to choose from.

    So with these to choose from:

    Spitfire Double Cross

    Spitfire XXX

    Spitfire Maxx

    Spitfire Maxx Deep 6

    Spitfire Edge


    Spitfire Gobbler getter (obvious but want to know if they use the same practice head)

    Which works best with the Pro-V22 and the Vapor and Pro-V 20 on a FX4?

    Thank you.
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    I would get the crossbow version of the Spitfire 100.
    Randy Wood
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    Thanks Randy, I will get some ordered up. I see that NAP is based in Illinois so helping another Illinois business is a bonus as well.

    What weight do you recommend for the FX4, I just picked up one for one of my sons. I was going to keep it for myself, but I like the vapor a touch more and now that I scored some Pro-V22 arrows all the better.

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