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    Turbo XLT II Stolen in Home Breakin

    Just after Christmas my Turbo XLT II & accessories, Summit Viper SD tree Climber & gear was stolen during a Home Breakin. Thugs got ~ $5,000 worth of my hunting gear. Insurance paid off and I just bought a new Tenpoint Venom crossbow package at a helluva good deal! Haven't even shot it yet (busy with work). However, it only came with 3 Omni-Brite Pro Elite arrows. Salesman told me they didn't have the other 3 arrows (he thinks someone put it out on display for sale and was sold). When he gave me the manuals, DVD and such in the plastic bag, I noticed it was torn open, the window decal was missing and the bag didn't include the Venom Manual, it contained the Manual for the Turbo GT bow. No problem, I simply went online and printed the correct manual. But, I am a little ticked that I got shorted 3 x Pro Elite Omni-Brite lighted arrows! When I asked the salesman about what I should do about it, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dunno, call Tenpoint!" Randy, any idea how to best go about getting the 3 x Pro Elite lighted arrows & window decal that I got shorted?
    TenPoint Venom (just purchased)
    TenPoint Turbo XLT II (recently stolen)
    NAP Crossbow Spitfire (100gr)
    NAP Crossbow Killzone (100gr)

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    I didn't know any TenPoint packages came with the Omni-Brite lighted arrows. They usually come with basic Pro Elite arrows.

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    We can solve the decal by you just giving us a call. As for the arrows, just keep in mind you got the bow on a helluva good deal.
    Randy Wood
    Director of Customer Experience
    TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

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    That happens when you buy an "open box" or "new old stock". Parts get "traded" or used to "sweeten" a deal. You can find great deals, but you should have been made aware of what you were buying. If you were not you should take it up with the store.

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