TenPoint part number HCA-41106 (Retraction Power Spring) is required. Do not attempt to use a substitute.

1. Remove the two Phillips-head machine screws from each ACUdraw cover, and then remove the ACUdraw covers.

2. Pull the ACUdraw claw and cord all the way out. Attach the claw to the crossbow string.

3. Engage the safety pawl (up position) so the cord will hang loose. Note: You don’t need to keep the safety pawl engaged if the power spring is broken.

4. Loosen the side screw on each hub (screw where the cord is attached) then remove both ends of the draw cord. Note: The string must be removed completely from both hubs to change a power spring.

5. Disengage the safety pawl and let the power spring unwind on its own. Note: If the power spring is broken the spring will already be unwound.

6. Loosen the upper right, cap-headed Allen screw on the left side plate and slip the loop-end of the power spring and the brass bushing off of the screw.

7. Rotate the left hub until the cap-headed allen screw is facing up. Remove the allen screw and the hub.

8. Pull the excess power spring wraps off of the axle then remove the button-headed allen screw and the end of the spring from the axle.

9. Line up the flat end of the replacement power spring over the axle (make sure the axle has the recessed, flat area facing up) and insert the button-headed allen screw into the spring and the axle.