Hello all,

A new Vortec RDX is my second TP bow - the first was a Wicked Ridge Warrior. It's very light and compact, and a real joy to carry around the woods. Also very quiet - neither of my hunting buddies heard my shot from around 50-100 yards away, whereas a shot from a friend's Excalibur was very loud at the same distance. All in all, great in all but one department - accuracy.

With the Warrior, my groups were fantastic - occasionally Robin-Hooding arrows at 40 yards, but always punching a nice tight group. When Omni Nocks were released, I tried some Gold Tip Laser IIs with Omni Nocks, and they were extremely erratic. Each bolt would fly to a very repeatable POI - the problem is that no two had the same POI. Big problem. I went back to bolts with moon nocks and all was right with the world.

When my Vortec RDX arrived, I zeroed at 20, then adjusted at 40 to confirm zero (with the arrows supplied with the bow, white vane down). At 40 yards, indoor range, from a rest, my bolts hit within a 8-12" diameter area. Most of the deviation is left-right. This is shooting from a rest, with the forearm rested on the supporting arm and the stock bagged. Scope is tight and has a drop of blue Loctite on each screw. Again, each bolt hits a repeatable POI, but no two hit the same POI. I can't help but think the Omnis are causing this, but I can't exactly fire flat or half moons to confirm.

Any thoughts?