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    Grouping broadheads

    I have a turbo gt. Been having issues grouping fixed broadheads at 30 yards. Using 100 gr G5's I get a 4 in group. I was hoping for a better result. Can I shoot a lighter shaft? Any ideas? Currently using the arrows that came with it.

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    Try Spitfire 100s. I think you will have great results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Try Spitfire 100s. I think you will have great results.
    I second what Randy recommended. Spitfire 100gr came with my original Phantom 10 years ago. Had such good results with them that I have not seen the need to experiment with new stuff like a lot of folks are prone to do. 56 deer recovered and 3 lost makes me think they are a winner. Another thing I like about them is unless you hit a bone or a rock you can clean them up, resharpen and use again. I had a lucky broadhead that killed 6 deer before hitting a rock on a pass through.
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    Pro Elites with killzones are my favorite. Spitfire would be my second choice I think and the doublecross seemed ok but I think I will stick with the killzones. Easy to swap out the blades too.

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