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Thread: Horton Vortec

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    Having shot all three now, in my opinion the Vortec is a smother shooting bow than both the Storm and Nitro

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    Quote Originally Posted by phongdw View Post
    Having shot all three now, in my opinion the Vortec is a smother shooting bow than both the Storm and Nitro
    The trigger is under less pressure, the bow draw weight is less and overall weight is less so the "feel" of the shot is smoother. I notice the same but the difference is not significant, and for me the additional 30 fps the Storm produces is important.

    No question though that the Vortec is a nice size, high performing, smooth shooting xbow and it's a nice value.

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    Does anyone know if you can use the regular Dedd Sled (not the 50) with the Vortec. Some of the item descriptions say for use with Storm only and others say RDX crossbows only. The 50 is kind of a pain having to loop it around the back (keeps getting caught on scope dials). I like the simplicity of the regular dedd sled if I could use it.

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    The Dedd Sled will scrape the labeling off of the sides of the crossbow, but it still can be used.
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    Well folks It finally got cool enough to hunt with my storm. First fifteen minutes I had a young buck come in and the rest is history. Great to shoot and great to hunt with. Storm is a class act.

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