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    Question from a Ground Hunter...

    Thanks in advance to any responses... Okay here is my situation. I am a ground hunter, I do not use a tree stand, I do not use a ground blind, I simply find a spot to hide where I want to hunt. I started crossbow hunting last January and killed my first deer a buck last February. Last Saturday I killed my second a doe. On the first deer the shot was a bit high and I shot him in the spine and quickly dispatched him with a second shot. But before I was able to get the second shot in he broke my arrow. It was no big deal just use another arrow which I already had. On the doe, at 15 yards it was a through and through shot with an Omni Bright Arrow that my wife had just bought me for my birthday (nice surprise!!) and a Swhacker Broadhead. I could not find the arrow! Grass and brush was too thick where I was hunting. I finally rented a metal detector and found the arrow. My question(s) are, Do any other of you hunt from the ground as I do, if so any tips or suggestions fro me? And, do any of you carry a metal detector or anything else to help you find your arrows when they are shot? If so, any suggestions as to brands that are good and easy to use?

    FYI, the Omni Bright Nock was still burning on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 pm after I had shot the doe on Saturday morning at 8:20 am.

    thanks again!

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    first i had my best luck in a pop up blind easy to cary in and set up and take down but if you buy one make sure to get a black out on the in side or the deer will see you as far as bolts are concerned i used non lighted and my bolts were laying on the ground wright were i shot the deer .But my son was in a tree stand and lost 2 bolts omni noks are great but have found flat nok are ok to use in tenpoint as well so i have went with luminok as they work well

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