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    Bolts & Broadheads

    I have just purchased the Storm and I'm a fan of the Muzzy 3 blade ..
    Excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between the crossbow heads and compound bow heads?
    Second I want to purchase additional 20" bolts what do you recommend and can you explain the different grain weights .. Thanks

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    On fixed blade heads like the Muzzy, there is not a big difference. On expandable heads, they will have heavier rubber bands or stiffer springs to keep them closed on launch.

    Different weights of arrows will fly faster or slower, and also hit with more or less kinetic energy. Heavier arrows tend to be more accurate and carry kinetic energy better down range, but they do drop a little more. I would stick with something in the 400-450 weight range, total arrow weight. This will provide a good mix of speed and KE.
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    I never could get the Standard Muzzy 3 blade BH to fly right from any crossbow. I tried a bunch of different fixed blades and found that the Slick Trick and Toxic shot the best and performed great. If you like mechanicals the Spitfire Crossbow Broadhead, does need the bands to keep it closed as it is made for the faster crossbows, is super accurate and does a good job on most any animal. I'm not one for mechanicals but I have to admitt the spitfire does a helluva good job/

    What Randy mentioned about arrows is 100% correct You can't go wrong with Ten Point ProFlite arrows If you want to step up then go to BEE arrows, Do yourself a big favor and call David at Wyvern Creations. He is the absolute best person to talk to about crossbow related things, He is honest , up front and his prices for stuff is top notch!
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