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    This is what is working out of my Storm.

    Today, I started shooting the TenPoint Pro Elites with the Fusion X vanes at 1 degree offset and the Spynal Tapps with the same vanes and offset. My broadhead was the new 100 gr. NAP Crossbow Spitfire XXX.
    The Pro Elites weigh 428.2 gr and the Spynal Tapps weigh 426.8 gr. I could not tell the difference from 20 -40 yrds. Both arrows and the Spitfires worked perfect.
    I was hitting close to and in the same hole all day. I had to change my POA to keep my arrows from going too far in the target. The Crossbow Spitfires held up real good. The retention clip holds the blades in real tight, a lot more than my other Spitfires. I shot the practice head also, so... save your broadheads...the practice head was hitting the same spot.
    This proved to be a very good setup for me and this will probably be my setup for hunting season.
    Try it out.
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    Good info! Thanks.
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    I was hitting close to and in the same hole all day

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    Ok I am using executioner arrows with the brass insert and rage xtreme crossbow broadheads. I was hitting close enough at 40 yards to only shoot one arrow at a time. I would say under two inches for groups! I am a happy man!

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