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    Problem with tenpoint stealth ss limb

    Hello I have recently bought a new tenpoint stealth ss. It's less then a month old and have shot around 60 bolts. Was going to go out today to get some more practice in when I noticed a crack like paint falling off on the limb that's just hanging there I touched it to see what was happen and it broke off. Am going to gander mountain tomorrow to see if they know why. Really hope they can help me seeing how archery starts in 28 days. I'll attach a picture

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    Re: Problem with tenpoint stealth ss limb

    Other then that it is an awesome bow. Just want to know if anyone knows why this would occur.

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    Re: Problem with tenpoint stealth ss limb

    Just give us a call at 330-628-9245. We will get you set.
    Randy Wood
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    Re: Problem with tenpoint stealth ss limb

    Thank you very much Randy. Just got back from Gander mountain they said that he's going take the limbs off and try to send them out this afternoon. Said must have just been a defect and has only seen this happen 3 times out of about a thousand crossbows he has sold. The way everything sounds hopefully it be back and have plenty of time for first day deer season Oct. 5. Was hopeing to buy a tenpoint hat but I don't believe they carry them in stock. I'll check again when bow gets back from repairs. Thank you again tenpoint I'm in love with the one inch group I get at 40 yards. -Tyler-

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