TenPoint part number HCA-401 (Draw Cord) is required. Do not attempt to use any other cord or material.

1. Remove the two Phillips-head machine screws from each ACUdraw cover, and then remove the covers.

2. Pull the ACUdraw claw and cord all the way out. Attach the claw to the crossbow string.

3. Engage the safety pawl (up position) so the cord will hang loose.

4. Loosen the side screw on each hub (screw where the cord is attached) and remove the cord. Note: You can leave one side attached temporarily if you want to use it as a guide.

5. Insert the new cord into the claw. Note: If you are having difficulty inserting the new cord into the claw; you can also remove the three screws from each of the claw tops and insert the cord directly onto the claw bottom, feed the cord through the slot at the back of each claw arm, then replace the claw tops and screws.

6. Place the claw with new cord back on the bow string.

7. Thread the first loose end of the draw cord into its corresponding string guide. Then, thread the cord end through the hub (insert the cord from the inside of the hub, exiting by the hub side screw).

8. Tie a knot in the end of the cord then use a lighter to melt the cord coating. Note: Don’t make the knot too large or it will rub on the ACUdraw cover making it harder for the cord to retract.

9. Wrap the cord under the hub screw (almost a full circle) and then tighten the screw.

10. Repeat steps 7 – 9 for the other side of the draw cord.

11. Disengage the pawl and make certain the draw cord is wrapping evenly on both hubs. Note: If the cord doesn’t retract when you disengage the pawl, you may need to put tension back on the power spring.

12. Replace both ACUdraw covers and the Phillips-head machine screws. Note: Do not over-tighten the cover screws – the covers could crack/break or the ACUdraw cord may bind up and not retract.

13. Return the ACUdraw claw to the claw holder and add a slight bit of tension to the draw cord (one to two CLICKS are normally sufficient to secure the claw to the claw holder).