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    ACUdraw Power Spring Installation

    For those of you that would like to replace your ACUdraw power spring on most post-2006 crossbows:

    TenPoint part number HCA-41106 (Retraction Power Spring) is required. Do not attempt to use a substitute.

    1. Remove the two Phillips-head machine screws from each ACUdraw cover, and then remove the ACUdraw covers.

    2. Pull the ACUdraw claw and cord all the way out. Attach the claw to the crossbow string.

    3. Engage the safety pawl (up position) so the cord will hang loose. Note: You don’t need to keep the safety pawl engaged if the power spring is broken.

    4. Loosen the side screw on each hub (screw where the cord is attached) then remove both ends of the draw cord. Note: The string must be removed completely from both hubs to change a power spring.

    5. Disengage the safety pawl and let the power spring unwind on its own. Note: If the power spring is broken the spring will already be unwound.

    6. Loosen the upper right, cap-headed Allen screw on the left side plate and slip the loop-end of the power spring and the brass bushing off of the screw.

    7. Rotate the left hub until the cap-headed allen screw is facing up. Remove the allen screw and the hub.

    8. Pull the excess power spring wraps off of the axle then remove the button-headed allen screw and the end of the spring from the axle.

    9. Line up the flat end of the replacement power spring over the axle (make sure the axle has the recessed, flat area facing up) and insert the button-headed allen screw into the spring and the axle.

    10. Re-install the left hub and screw. Note: The side screw on both the left and right hubs should be in the up position when re-installing the left hub.

    11. Holding the power spring close to the hub in your left hand, insert the hand crank into the pawl gear and begin to rotate the crank counter-clockwise. Continue to rotate the crank until most of the power spring has been wound onto the axle (approximately 20-25 full revolutions) then attach the loop end of the power spring and the brass bushing to the upper right, cap-headed allen screw. Tighten the Allen screw.

    12. Rotate the crank handle counter-clockwise again until the spring tension feels fairly tight – then turn the crank handle clockwise two full revolutions (taking some of the tension off of the spring).

    13. Engage the safety pawl. Note: At this point, keep the crank handle on the pawl gear so the power spring does not accidentally unwind.

    14. Reinstall the draw cord on each hub.

    a. Thread the first loose end of the draw cord into its corresponding string guide. Then, thread the cord end through the hub (insert the cord from the inside of the hub, exiting by the hub side screw).

    b. Tie a knot in the end of the cord then use a lighter to melt the cord coating. Note: Don’t make the knot too large or it will rub on the ACUdraw cover making it harder for the cord to retract.

    c. Wrap the cord under the hub screw (almost a full circle) and then tighten the screw.

    d. Repeat steps a – c for the other side of the draw cord.

    e. Disengage the pawl and make certain the draw cord is wrapping evenly on both hubs. Note: If the cord doesn&rsquo;t retract when you disengage the pawl, you may not have enough tension on the power spring. </p>

    15. Replace both ACUdraw covers and the Phillips-head machine screws. Note: Do not over-tighten the cover screws &ndash; the covers could crack/break or the ACUdraw cord may bind up and not retract.

    16. Return the ACUdraw claw to the claw holder and add a slight bit of tension to the draw cord (one to two CLICKS are normally sufficient to secure the claw to the claw holder).

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    I've got a 2004 QX4 with an Acudraw, they shipped me a spring with two loops. I don't know what to do with them. Any Advice?

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    Can't find the HCA-41106 spring in stock does anybody know where I can find one?


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